Ever wondered if the forest you visit is FSC Certified?

When a forest manager or owner becomes FSC Certified, it is completely voluntary. In gaining this hallmark certification, they are actively complying with the requirements of the FSC’s Principles for Forest Stewardship. These principles are:

  1. Compliance with laws and FSC principles
  2. Tenure and use rights and responsibilities
  3. Indigenous people’s rights
  4. Community relations and worker rights
  5. Benefits from the forest
  6. Environmental impact
  7. Management plan
  8. Monitoring and assessment
  9. Maintenance of high conservation value forests
  10. Plantations

It is the mission of the FSC to encourage and ensure the socially beneficial, environmentally appropriate, and economically viable management of forests across the entire world. With the help of consumers, this mission is more and more reachable. You may think it is only a small action, but in looking for the FSC logo when you buy any wood based product (from toilet paper to coffee tables), you are making a difference that really does go a long way.

If you are walking in a Forest that is managed by the Forestry Commission, Woodland Trust, Department of Agriculture, and Rural Development, National Trust or the Natural Resources Wales, then you are walking in an FSC Certified forest.

Some Wildlife Trusts are also FSC certified for their forests; Essex, Worcestershire, Kent, Warwickshire, Lancashire, and Surrey are FSC certified forests also.

Many councils are also FSC certified for their forests including, Croydon, Bromley, Sefton, Wakefield, Durham, North Somerset, Three Rivers, and Welwyn Hatfield.

If you are unsure as to whether any of these managers or trusts own/manage your local forest, you can use the FSC’s interactive map to find out if specific forests are FSC certified below.

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Some of this information was taken from the FSC Website find out more here