Go Green this Christmas

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A few ways to make sure you’re protecting the planet this Christmas

Christmas is a holiday that is all about giving. We give to our family, our friends, and they give to us. But do you give to the environment? Or do you give all that you can to the environment?

Why not be as green as you possibly can this year, and give back to the environment, after all, it gives to you all year round; it gives you the air you breath and so much more!
Some things you might think about in how to make this year especially green are:

  • Investing in a real Christmas tree, or better yet, an FSC Certified real Christmas tree is about as eco-friendly as you can be when purchasing your tree. These can be found across the country, find our more at the Forestry Commission’s Christmas Tree Page.
  • When buying you greeting cards and wrapping paper, make sure you look for the FSC Certified logo. If you want to be even greener, why not go shabby chic this year and use newspaper to wrap your gifts?
  • Give something back to nature, and decorate a tree in your garden for the birds. You can decorate it with a wide variety of bird food to attract the variety of different birds. Don’t let them go hungry this winter.
  • Re-gift! If you had gifts at your birthday or last Christmas that you just haven’t needed, re-gift it. It is Christmas recycling at its best!
  • Make sure you turn you Christmas lights off when you go to bed, both the indoor and outdoor.
  • Find a local electronics recycler to recycle your old electronics at Christmas; if you have a new TV or other electronic device, don’t just throw your old one away.


FSC are the best way to help the environment at Christmas, they are grown as part of a well-managed forest, and therefore the use of pesticides is substantially low, thus protecting forest plants and wildlife.

There will be approximately 1.7 billion Christmas cards sent out across Britain this year, this works out to an unbelievable 200,000 trees. Choose FSC Certified cards and be part of ensuring that they have been produced from responsible managed forests and take no part in deforestation or illegal logging.

Be green this Christmas, and give back to our planet, our environment.

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