Indonesia Forest Fires

Over 20,000 Square Kilometres of Forest Burnt.

Indonesia’s recent forest fires having been devastating; hundreds of thousands of hectares, over 20,000 sq. km of forest, has been catastrophically destroyed. To grasp just how big that area is, it is over 12 times the size of London.

The fires are reported by Greenpeace, to have released and exposed the world to more carbon emissions than the whole United Kingdom outputs annually! This is truly devastating, and fuels global warning hugely.

So how have the Fires Started?
The Indonesian Forest Fires have been started deliberately and illegally to clear the forests to enable huge paper and palm oil production and sale. This method of deforestation is known as ‘slash and burn’ and is the fasted and cheapest method.

The Indonesian forest project leader, Bustar Maita said “As Governments prepare to meet (…) to save the world from catastrophic warming, the earth in Indonesia is already on fire”. Over half of Asia are facing life threatening consequences of these deforestation techniques; engulfed in a haze of air, there have already been approximately 19 deaths. 75,000 people already have upper respiratory infections, and 110,000 premature deaths are predicted as a direct result of the forest fires.

The immediate threat to the Indonesian Wildlife is immense: Mark Harrison, from OuTrop (Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project) reports that “Tropical peat – swamp forests are one of the world’s most important ecosystems. They are home to globally threatened wildlife, including the orangutan, southern Bornean gibbon and clouded leopard”.

So far there have been a reported 120,000 active fires detected, with number finally starting to decrease. You can see the amount of fires in the picture below, showing those in just the last week.

Global Forest Fire Watch Mao

Global Forest Watch – Fires (Click to see more)

This video is shared by Greenpeace, to show just how catastrophic the fires are to our life sustaining forests.

You can be part of saving our planets forests by always looking for the little green tree with a tick when you purchase anything wood based, from toilet paper to your furniture. Only buy products that are FSC Certified; sourced from a responsibly managed forest.

If you are a company selling paper or wood products, ensure that your suppliers are FSC Certified themselves, and ensure that if you supply paper or wood products, that you are too. You may be a printing company or a packaging company for example. Be part of saving our eco system, our wildlife, our planet.

PEFC Certification – Print, Paper, and Packaging

PEFC Chain of Custody Certification for the Print, Paper, and Packaging Industries

There is an increasing insistence for sustainably sourced and produced wood-based goods throughout the world. As climate change and environmental unease are prevalent, consumers are progressively looking for affirmation that the products and services they buy, are sustainably produced and sourced, and that they can be traced right the way back to the forest.
PEFC Certification is one of the simplest and most guaranteed ways that you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainably managed forests. As a buyer, purchasing the products you need from a PEFC Certified supplier.

What might I be buying as a consumer where PEFC Chain of Custody Certification is what I should check for?

You might be purchasing office supplies such as paper, stationary or desks. Perhaps it is someone’s birthday coming up, and you are out buying a greeting card for him or her. Or maybe you are having real wood floor in your home. These are just some examples of when you should be looking for the PEFC logo. You can ensure that you are committed to maintaining a sustainable environment by looking for the green tree logo.

What are some of the benefits to us as a business?

  • Chain of Custody Certification is one of the important steps needed to meet the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation Due Diligence.
  • Being a PEFC Chain of Custody certified printing company means that you can ensure your customers that you are providing a service, which can be traced from forest to end user.
  • You will be assuring your customers and stakeholders that any, and all paper used within your organisation has been sustainably and legally sourced.
  • PEFC Certification reduced the risk, to both you and your customer.

If you want to find out more information about PEFC Certification visit out services page; here you can find out how Ligna Ltd can help you with gaining certification.

In the meantime, feel free to follow us on Twitter or give us a call should you have further questions.

Some of this information was taken from the PEFC website.

Illegal Logging Workshop

Illegal Logging

On the 9th of November 2015, at Chatham House in London, there will be a discussion/workshop held surrounding the topic of illegal logging.

We think this is a very important issue and feel extremely positive about the workshop and the methodologies being used to monitor and ultimately reduce the presence of illegal logging.

The event is called ‘Estimating Levels of Illegal Logging and the Related Trade: Lessons from Chatham House Indicators Project’. Its main aim is to identify different ways in which effective improvement to the existing monitoring of illegal logging and the existing trade of illegal timber can be made.

Illegal logging plays a huge role in the amount of deforestation our planet see’s. Thus playing a huge role in the amount of climate change, damage to communities and wildlife etc. that we see.

It is extremely important that we, as individuals, actively support responsible forestry and stop illegal logging and timber trade where we can. In looking for the little tree with a tick, we ensure that our paper and wood products are FSC® Certified and have therefore been sustainably sourced.

Ligna Ltd can help you with your FSC Chain of Custody Certification; get in touch with us to find out how.

FSC Friday


FSC Friday 2015

FSC Friday 2015

Today is FSC Friday a day we all join together in annual celebration of responsible forestry.

FSC is a global organisation committed to the promotion of responsible forest management across the world. FSC enables customers and businesses alike to buy responsibly sourced wood and wood products such as timber.

You may be buying wood products without even realising, for example toilet paper. Do you choose toilet paper and look for the FSC logo? You should; the little tree with a tick is what you should look for when you are purchasing wood products, to ensure that you engage in saving our forests for our future generations.

FSC awareness needs to be raised to ensure that our forests are sustainably managed and last for all, forever. Always look for the little tree with a tick when you are purchasing anything from furniture, to greeting cards. Is your office consciously purchasing FSC certified products? Paper, desks? Does your workplace have a policy in place to ensure that only FSC certified goods are purchased? If it does not, why?

You can get involved with FSC Friday and raise awareness and take steps to save our precious forests all year round. FSC is celebrated by people all over the world in many different ways. Today, local schools are planting trees, businesses are having internal FSC events, and public authorities are also taking part in raising awareness. Change can also be made all year round, by promising to always look for the FSC logo. It is that simple, but a huge difference can be made.

Last year’s FSC Friday was an enormous success, you can see the video here:

If your organisation provides wood or wood products such as paper, contact us, we can help you on your journey to FSC Certification, Chain of Custody is key to providing responsibly sourced products and can help your business opportunities. See our chain of custody services here – FSC Certification.

You can also follow us on Twitter and do you part by hash tagging #FSCFriday and raising awareness through social media. Every little thing makes a big change to our forests, our planet.

Find out more about FSC Friday on the official FSC Friday website,