PEFC Certification – Print, Paper, and Packaging

PEFC Chain of Custody Certification for the Print, Paper, and Packaging Industries

There is an increasing insistence for sustainably sourced and produced wood-based goods throughout the world. As climate change and environmental unease are prevalent, consumers are progressively looking for affirmation that the products and services they buy, are sustainably produced and sourced, and that they can be traced right the way back to the forest.
PEFC Certification is one of the simplest and most guaranteed ways that you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainably managed forests. As a buyer, purchasing the products you need from a PEFC Certified supplier.

What might I be buying as a consumer where PEFC Chain of Custody Certification is what I should check for?

You might be purchasing office supplies such as paper, stationary or desks. Perhaps it is someone’s birthday coming up, and you are out buying a greeting card for him or her. Or maybe you are having real wood floor in your home. These are just some examples of when you should be looking for the PEFC logo. You can ensure that you are committed to maintaining a sustainable environment by looking for the green tree logo.

What are some of the benefits to us as a business?

  • Chain of Custody Certification is one of the important steps needed to meet the requirements of the EU Timber Regulation Due Diligence.
  • Being a PEFC Chain of Custody certified printing company means that you can ensure your customers that you are providing a service, which can be traced from forest to end user.
  • You will be assuring your customers and stakeholders that any, and all paper used within your organisation has been sustainably and legally sourced.
  • PEFC Certification reduced the risk, to both you and your customer.

If you want to find out more information about PEFC Certification visit out services page; here you can find out how Ligna Ltd can help you with gaining certification.

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Some of this information was taken from the PEFC website.

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