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The Global Event of the Decade

This year we see the 21st UN Climate Change Conference, known as COP21. The conference is being held in France and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) France have completed a manifesto, which can be seen here FSC® COP21, to ensure that ‘a comprehensive agreement and firm commitment[s] from governments’, to enforce mitigation for climate change. FSC® International endorses this manifesto.

The manifesto is something to be very proud of; among other things, it calls for the complete extermination of deforestation and the protection and responsible management of all forests.

COP21 is taking place from the 30th November to the 11th December; the outcome is expected to be a worldwide compliance on climate change. It is known that there are still many governments across the globe, who do not meet or even address the role of forest management in climate change, furthermore, they do not competently discuss the social, economic or environmental challenges affecting sustainable forest management.

FSC hope that COP21 will bring about a wider acknowledgement of certification of forests, and significantly heighten the profile of forest certification so that it becomes second nature to private and public consumers and actors.

Along with FSC International, the manifesto is endorsed by Fairtrade international, WWF, Marine Stewardship Council, the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation, plus companies such as IKEA and L’Oréal.

You can visit the FSC COP21 website by following the link to find out more information and further details on the manifesto. If you want to sign the manifesto, please contact Maya Bentz, FSC France You can also make a personal comment in support of the manifesto and the work of the FSC by visiting the Support Us page.

On Sunday 29th November, FSC France will lead the forest section of the Global Climate March. If you would like to find out more about the Global Climate March or join in the march, click here > GLOBAL CLIMATE MARCH

Ligna UK Ltd are supporters of FSC and all things sustainable forestry, we are in full support of the FSC France manifesto and look forward to the outcome of COP21.

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Some of this information was taken from the FSC Website and more information can be found via the links below
FSC France
FSC International