A World without Deforestation

Norway become the First Country in the World to Dedicate to a Zero Deforestation Rate

Norway are now committed to having no contribution to the deforestation of the rainforest. This is something that will hopefully set the path for many, many, other countries to follow and commit to.

Norway are known supporters of human rights programmes for different forest communities, they are also leaders in forest conservation across the world. It is therefore no surprise that they are the first country to commit to this kind of path; but hopefully they will be a type of trend setter, and now other governments can follow suit and lead the way to a world that deforestation-less.

“This is an important victory in the fight to protect the rainforest. Over the last few years, a number of companies have committed to cease the procurement of goods that can be linked to destruction of the rainforest.
“Until now, this has not been matched by similar commitments from governments. Thus, it is highly positive that the Norwegian state is now following suit and making the same demands when it comes to public procurements”. – Stated the head of Policy Campaign at Rainforest Foundation Norway, Nils Herman Ranum.

Norway made a joint declaration with the UK and Germany at a UN climate summit 2014 in New York, promising to “promote national commitments that encourage deforestation-free supply chains, including through public procurement policies to sustainably source commodities such as palm oil, soy, beef and timber”.

You can take part in leading the way to a world without Deforestation by always looking for the FSC Logo when you purchase any paper product. Whether it be toilet paper, a greeting card, or furniture – always look for that little tree with a tick and rest assured that you are not contributing to deforestation.

If you are a small business involved in the wood sector and you are wondering about FSC Chain of Custody Certification, get in touch, we can help.

EU Study to assess its Deforestation Footprint

The EU has recently launched a new study to accurately assess its own Deforestation Footprint. This is to enable the EU to sustainably reduce that Deforestation Footprint.

Reported by FERN, the EU has launched a study to assess its contribution to deforestation and therefore, assess how it can tackle its own deforestation footprint. This study is set to be completed by August 2016.

It has been estimated that between the years of 1990 and 2008, the EU imported some 36% of all deforestation embodied in crops and livestock.
‘The concept of “embodied deforestation” is used for linking deforestation to consumption. It refers to the deforestation embodied (as an externality) in a produced, traded, or consumed product, good, commodity or service. It is the deforestation associated with the production of a good, commodity or service.’ (Source: European Commision) This alarming figure should accompany the knowledge that between the years of 1990 and 2008, 239 million hectares of forests were cleared worldwide (Source: FAO)

The European Commission has informed the consortium that a wide range of policies must be examined which suggest where improvements could be made. The policies to be studied include:

  • Common Commercial Policy
  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Sustainable Production and Consumption
  • EU and International Forest Policies (including the FLEFT Action Plan)
  • Trade and Investment
  • Development and International Cooperation
  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Consumer Protection
  • Environment
  • Internal Market

‘Forests have a vital role to play in the fight against global warming. Forests absorb and store carbon in their trees and soil. But if forests are cleared or disturbed, this carbon is released as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Up to a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions come from deforestation and forest degradation.’ WWF, Deforestation & Climate Change.

You can find out more about the EU Action Plan on Deforestation here FERN

Facts about Deforestation

Deforestation IS your problem

    1. If deforestation continues at the present rate, the entirety of the earths rainforests will be gone in less than 100 years
    2. Approximately 30% of our planets land is made up of forests
    3. Our rainforests are more important than you might think – just the amazon rain forest actually equates for 20% of the entire worlds oxygen
    4. Out of all of the world’s tropical forest, more than half has already been destroyed.
    5. 7.3 Million Hectares – the world’s total forest loss to date
    6. The biggest driver of deforestation is Agriculture
    7. Our tree play a crucial part in absorbing greenhouse gases – the less trees we have the more greenhouse gases are free to enter the atmosphere – ultimately speeding up and greatly worsening global warming
    8. Changing the rate of deforestation enough to matter is a difficult task, however, it is achievable – trees need to be replaced as rapidly as they are lost, the lost forests from over time also need to be replaced
    9. We may only be tiny fraction of the world’s population but we can help – we can sign petitions and donate to charities and causes that strive to save our trees – we can also ensure we buy FSC Certified wood and paper products; this ensures that the products have come from responsibly managed forests
    10. If you are a company who manufactures, sells, or deals in anyway with wood and paper products, get I touch, and get FSC Certified now!