FSC Friday 2016

A Date for Your Diary

Don’t forget to jot down the date of FSC Friday this year, 30th September!
Join the FSC in the annual celebration for responsible forest management.

Everyone is invited to join the celebration and get involved in the international event. Raising awareness of responsible forest management is key, and FSC Friday is the event in which you can raise the most awareness.

Raise awareness about sourcing paper and wood products that have the FSC Logo – no tree with a tick – no purchase.
Are you a business, school or community group? Anyone can get involved and organisations and businesses are encouraged to take part in awareness raising events such as schools wearing green for the day, bake sales, businesses using social media, or having a tree planting event. Get creative and celebrate responsible forest management in style.

Stay up to date and follow us on Twitter closer to the celebration, FSC will provide FSC Friday posters, stationary and much more, we will give you a link as soon as it’s there!

If you have any questions or specific enquirers about getting involved with FSC Friday, you can email

FSC Friday


FSC Friday 2015

FSC Friday 2015

Today is FSC Friday a day we all join together in annual celebration of responsible forestry.

FSC is a global organisation committed to the promotion of responsible forest management across the world. FSC enables customers and businesses alike to buy responsibly sourced wood and wood products such as timber.

You may be buying wood products without even realising, for example toilet paper. Do you choose toilet paper and look for the FSC logo? You should; the little tree with a tick is what you should look for when you are purchasing wood products, to ensure that you engage in saving our forests for our future generations.

FSC awareness needs to be raised to ensure that our forests are sustainably managed and last for all, forever. Always look for the little tree with a tick when you are purchasing anything from furniture, to greeting cards. Is your office consciously purchasing FSC certified products? Paper, desks? Does your workplace have a policy in place to ensure that only FSC certified goods are purchased? If it does not, why?

You can get involved with FSC Friday and raise awareness and take steps to save our precious forests all year round. FSC is celebrated by people all over the world in many different ways. Today, local schools are planting trees, businesses are having internal FSC events, and public authorities are also taking part in raising awareness. Change can also be made all year round, by promising to always look for the FSC logo. It is that simple, but a huge difference can be made.

Last year’s FSC Friday was an enormous success, you can see the video here:

If your organisation provides wood or wood products such as paper, contact us, we can help you on your journey to FSC Certification, Chain of Custody is key to providing responsibly sourced products and can help your business opportunities. See our chain of custody services here – FSC Certification.

You can also follow us on Twitter and do you part by hash tagging #FSCFriday and raising awareness through social media. Every little thing makes a big change to our forests, our planet.

Find out more about FSC Friday on the official FSC Friday website,