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The UK Woodland Assurance Standard is an independent certification standard. It is used for the verification of woodland management in the UK. UKWAS is designed, not as a certification scheme, but as a single, national certification standard, for common use by international forest certification schemes operating in the UK. It is a very unique standard and one of much interest to the sector.

At present, UKWAS is being revised and has now reached the final consultation phase, which will last from 15th February to 16th March. This is the final round of public consultation, and therefore your last chance to give your opinion.

The previous public consultation phase, in September and October 2015, had a good response and changes have been made throughout the standard as a result.

Peter Wilson, the UKWAS Executive Chair said: ‘Following on from the consultation we undertook last autumn, the Steering Group has now concluded work on a Pre-approval Consultation Draft. This is a refined version of the draft we prepared last year and takes account of all the comments received. It is a radical revision so we are looking forward to hearing your feedback on how you think this latest draft version meets your expectations.’

The UKAS website has a wealth of information and aims to provide its readers with everything they need to know in order to understand how to use the UK Woodland Assurance Standard.

You can find out more via the UKWAS Website. You can also take part and have your say by emailing your comments to

In order to comment, you can find all the relevant information about the standard here.
The documentation needed relating to the revision is also available here.

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